by Dutch Covert
We had a dog at Lai Khe and decided to get it jump wings.
We took a flare chute and secured it to the dog. Then we conned
one of the slick pilots to take us up. Before the mutt even cleared
the door it's legs were "running a mile a minute", and off it goes.
Chute opens and the dog, who had it's legs churning the whole
way down, it the ground at a run. It headed straight for the flight
line, however, it didn't realize it was in a mine field. Kaboom,
no more dog. Sad but at the time we didn't think to much of it.
Another time a friend from E Trp 1/9 who had gone back over
brought home the dog he had while with us. The guy's name was
Dan Findley, I went to high school with his step sisters. The dog
"Shithead" was renamed "Meathead" by his folks and promptly
set about terrorizing the quiet little nieghborhood in Plantation,