by Chuck Broadhurst
.................... I got lined up just in time to see a rocket impact
under the fleeing feet of chuck. Chuck did a forward somersault and landed
on his feet running even faster. Hey that was cool, but watch my peter
pilot smoke him with the mini-gun, as my wingman breaks to the left. Now
we all know that the min-gun could put out 2,800 rouinds per min, per
gun...but we always fired one or two second bursts, so my peter pilot is
feeling his oats and fires a three second burst at Luke the lucky gook who
is still running for his life down the dike of happness. Water starts
spraying on the near side of the gook and he disappears in the spray, as
the burst of 200 or 300 hundred rounds continue to impact in the water on
the other side of the holy gook. But No! Mr.Gook, I've found new respect
for this persistant guy, come out of the water spray knees pumping like
he's going for the gold. The crew chiefs and gunner are laughing their

asses of at the GUF's tring to kill one very lucky gook with weapons of
mass destruction. Ok smart asses it your turn.
We're low on fuel and light, so I flare after the failed min-gun run and
put Mr. Gook on the crew chiefs side, I'm still in the flare and loose
sight of him but hear a long continuous burst of M-60 fire and then a
string of cussing over the intercom saying "I can't believe I missed that
fucker". Can he run any faster, your damned right he can as my peter pilot
lets go with a M-79 chunker that lands to his left. I swing over to the
gunners side as he has been making disparaging remarks about everbody elses
shooting ablity. So there I gunner is firing away, I've slowed to
a hover, rounds are going threw Mr. Gooks clothes, between his legs and
under his arms...but he's not touched. Two things happen at the same time,
one the gunners M-60 has a stoppage and Mr.Gook reaches an herefore unseen
bunker, he dives for the bunker but misjudges, cracks his head on the

overhead door support and knocks himself out colder than a mackerel!
Some of you guys are going to think I'm crazy...and maybe I was, but Lucky
Luke the Gook comes to and my door gunner clears the jam at the same time.
I'm at a hover about 30 or 40 feet away from the prostrate enemy laying on
his side looking up a me. You know, there was not one glint of fear in his
eyes, no begging for mercy like we all saw with folded hands and bowing.
Nope, someone that just looked up into my eys and said you've won, all
you've got to do is let the gunner pull the trigger one more time...we all
understood that. But I slam the cyclic over to the left and the gunner
can't fire and Mr. Luke the Lucky Gook crawls into the bunker. To this day
I don't know why I did that, I hope Mr. Gook remembers that day as well as
I do and the look in my eyes as I spared his life.


Chuck Broadhurst
RobinHood 27
173rd AHC 67-68
WORWAC 66-19/21 Red Hats
Oak Harbor, Wa