by Larry Burbridge
As Crash Coe just stated, you read something and it jars the memory banks.
I was in the revetment late one night doing some maintenance as I was going
on leave three weeks the following morning to Massachusetts.(I had re
enlisted a month before). The AC brought a new guy that showed up that
afternoon. Hi, this is Alan, the new sheet metal mechanic. Show him what you
want done as your bird is down for extensive 100 hr PE, engine work, blade
tracking, etc. I said, fix these two holes and my left engine cowling is
twisted, the braces have to be replaced. I also told him to see the
maintenance officer because we are going to rotate the skids. Just like they
do w/tires on a car. He left to see the maintenance officer with my request.
Alan and the officer returned. The officer says here, take these as you
obviously need them in a bad way. He had both hands full of our favorite
orange pills. Then he jumps me for "misguiding a FNG" and all the yelling
that goes with it. I had to apologize to Alan in front of him and explain
why I did what I did. Its very simple,I told him when I came here on the
first Flying Tiger flight, a big black sargeant, I believe he said third
tour, stood up at the last minute stating something about his last trip only
27 out of the 200 or so on the plane made it ten minutes after the plane
landed. I, like the other FNG's are now wondering what we volunteered for.
The LT excepted this and walked away. Alan asks where I'm going. Just a
small town in western Massachusetts. Well where? OK, Palmer. Thats awesome!
I live in Wales a few miles from you! I said , speaking of Wales, I have an
acre and half that the tax collector is busting my balls over $50. worth of
taxes. I sent two letters saying when I get there I will pay this and more
on future bills due. The law stated, (at least at this time from Mass), that
the town couldn't bust my chops over taxes while in a war zone, and that the
tax collector must be a major moron. Wales, at this time, didn't even have a
stop sign anywhere in sight. Its not much better today, I think they have
about four of them. Alan, says, be careful The tax collectors name is
Theresa? Yes, that's what is on the bills. Well, I hate to tell you this
Palmer bound, but Theresa is my Mother's oldest sister! Say hello to her for
me when you get there. Its a small world flight.

Larry Burbridge CE, 57th Gladiators
Sep 70 - mar 72 Pleiku/Kontum
ICQ 5374390 VHCMA L 0477
This morning I woke up with nothing to do.
It is now noon and I have over half of it done
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