by Marvin "Swashplate" Camp
By Swashplate

On a rainy monsoon night, At Camp Evans,
Two bored asshole set fire to the hanger, Good heavens.
They took a break from overnight jobs.
Stupid idiots, brains working with square cogs.

They pulled a drop flare into the avionics room,
Tried to see how it works, then BOOM!
They tried to put it out with TM's and OIL!
This screw-up they couldn't foil.

Fire rescue came and foamed the place,
These guy soon fell from grace.
For not just real estate was ruined by these dips,
But a Cobra was damaged, really messed up this ship.

CO had both of them detained and drug tested,
Next he had them both arrested.
Both were sent away the next day,
The CE of the ship, wanted payback, some way.

So, Idle hands are the devils Workshop!
Why do something so stupid, they didn't think and stop.
Was drugs involved, We will never know!
After that night, Suspicions grow!