by Roger "Hoagie" Hogan

Where have all the heroes gone,
Legends from the silver-screen's dawn.
Those charismatic men of days bygone,
The swashbuckling Errol Flynn,
With the pirates had his run-in.
Sgt. York, with his courage, the battle was won.
Then there was Mitchell making his famed Tokyo run.
Their stories on the screen were spun.
The Duke, to westerns and war, gave us his spin.
Let's not forget "Lucky Lindy" and his boyish grin.

Was it all a passing phenomenon?
Whence came the break in the echelon?
When did we cross the Rubicon?
It came when the Sixties ushered in
The anti-war flag burning and campus sit-in.
The ultra-liberal organizers, their thoughts amoebean,
While the forests of the Argonne,
They'd long forgotten.
Their morals they did throw in,
Inviting all to the orgy of the Love-in.
Feasting on drugs, minds becoming not unlike a moron.
Of the Dark Angel, they were spawn
To the Devil, they one and all, became his pawn.
Ideals piled in a dusty bin
ushered in an age of sin.

So, where have the heroes gone,
That staid and stately icon.
They are about you ever and anon.
The heroes are still around
Their numbers abound!
It is the Vet, some sacrificing all, who went off to war.
It is the Cop on the beat who guards your door.
It is the Fireman saving a child in a smokey corridor.
It is the EMT saving lives amidst the wreckage and gore.
It is the Nurse soothing a patient, bedsore.

Heroes aren't mired in the days of yore,
And as always, it is evil they abhor.
You'll find them within the community reservoir.
Wipe the dust from your eyes therefore,
The hero may be your neighbor next door.
R. Hogan