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1st Aviation Brigade
First in Vietnam
Site #1
HA(L)-3 "Seawolves"
HC-7 "Seadevils"
1st Aviation Brigade
First in Vietnam
Site #2
1st ID, 1st AVN BN
HMM-163/363 "Ridge Runners"
HHC, 1st BDE, 1st CAV DIV
"Flying Circus"
HMM-165 "White Knights"
1/4 CAV "Quarter Cav"
HMM-263 "The Thunder Eagles"
HMM-361 "The Flying Tigers"
A Troop 1/4 CAV "Quarterhorse"
HMM-364 "The Purple Foxes"
D Troop 1/4 CAV "Darkhorse/Mustangs"
Site #1
"The Magnificent Flying Circus"
D Troop 1/4 CAV "Darkhorse/Mustangs"
Site #2
"Oakgate", "Scarface",
"Eagle Claw" & "Cyclone"
1st Aviation Battalion
VMO-2 "Angry Two"
3/4 CAV D/F Troop
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F Troop 8th CAV
1/9th CAV, 1st CAV DIV
"Bullwhip Squadron"
A 1/9th "Apache Troop"
B 1/9th "Bravo Troop"
C 1/9th "Charlie Troop"
E 1/9th "Echo Troop"
F 1/9th "F Troop"
9th AVN BN
1st Cavalry Division Association
2/17th Air Cavalry
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Association
2/17th A Trp "Assault"
3/17th ACR Association
2/17th B Trp "Banshee"
The National 4th Infantry (IVY) DivisionAssociation
2/17th C Trp "Condors"
52nd Combat Aviation Battalion
and Camp Holloway Association
HHT 3/17th CAV
Americal Division Veterans Association
A Troop 3/17th CAV
The Blue Max Aerial
Rocket Artillery Association
B Troop 3/17th CAV
C Troop 3/17th CAV
and D Troop 3/5th CAV
Vinh Long Outlaws Association
Rattler/Firebird Association
7/17th CAV
"Ruthless Riders"
Blue Ghost Association
48th AHC "Bluestars"
52nd AHC and 119th Avn Co
Vietnam Helicopter Crew
Member Association
57th AHC
"Gladiators" and "Cougars"
61st AHC
"Lucky Stars" and "Starblazers"
Vietnam Helicopter
Pilots Association
62nd Corps AVN Co
"Royal Coachman"
USMC Combat
Helicopter Association
68th AHC
"Top Tigers" and "Mustangs"
The Dustoff Association
68th AHC (Photos)
"Top Tigers" and "Mustangs"
71st AHC
"Rattlers" and "Firebirds"

"E" Battery (Aviation) 82nd Artillery 1st Air Cav 1965 - 1966 pictures.

92nd AHC
"Stallions" and "Sidekicks"
Silver Wings of the CAV
A/101 Aviation "Comancheros"
B/101 Aviation "Kingsmen"
C/101 Aviation
"Black Widows and Spiders"
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D/101 Aviation "Hawks"
114th AHC
"Knights" and "Cobras"
116th AHC "Hornets"
117th AHC
"Beachbums" and "Warlords"
118th AHC
"Thunderbirds" and "Bandits"
119th AHC
"Gators" and "Crocs"
120th AHC "Razorbacks"
121st AHC
"Vikings" and "Tigers"
128th AHC
"Tomahawks" and "Gunslingers"
129th AHC
"Bulldogs" and "Cobras"
134th AHC
"Demons" and "Devils"
135th AHC
"Emu's" and "Taipans"
147th ASHC "Hillclimbers"
155th AHC
"Stagecoach" and "Falcons"
A Co. 158th AVN BN
"Ghost Riders"
C Co. 158th AVN BN
161st AHC
"Pelicans" and "Scorpians"
162nd AHC
"Copperheads" and "Vultures"
170th AHC
"Bikini's" and "Buccaneers"
173rd AHC Site #1
"Robin Hoods" and "Crossbows"
173rd AHC Site #2
"Robin Hoods" and "Crossbows"
174th AHC
"Dolphins" and "Sharks"
175th AHC "Outlaws"
175th AHC "Mavericks"
176th AHC
"Minuteman" and "Muskets"
178th ASHC and 400 TC Co
"The Boxcars"
187th AHC
"Blackhawks", "Crusaders"
and "Ratpacks"
188th AHC
"Black Widows" and "Spiders"
189th AHC & 604th Trans Det
"Ghostriders" and "Avengers"
191st AHC
and "Bounty Hunters"
192nd AHC Site #1
"Tigersharks" and "Polecats"
192nd AHC Site #2
"Tigersharks" and "Polecats"
195th AHC "Ghostriders"
200th ASHC "Pachyderms"
205th ASHC "Geronimos"
213th ASHC "Blackcats"
227th AHB, 1st CAV DIV
Alpha Co. "Chickenman"
Charlie Co. "Ghost Riders"
Bravo Co.
"The Good DealCompany"
Charlie Co. "Snakes"
228th ASHB, 1st CAV DIV
"Winged Warriors"
A Co. "Wildcats"
B Co. "Longhorns"
C Co.
"What more can we do?"
539th Trans Co (AGS)
(Jim Ketcham's site)
498th Air Ambulance Co
(Frank White's site)
390th Trans Det
229th AHB, 1st CAV DIV
"Winged Assault"
362nd AVN CO "Fly United"
238th AWC "Gunrunners"
361st AVN CO (Escort)
"Pink Panthers"
240th AHC
"Greyhounds" and "Maddogs"
336th AHC "Warriors"
282nd AHC
"Blackcats" and "Alleycats"
335th AHC "Cowboys"
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