No discussion of the myths and lies surrounding the Vietnam War without offering gratitude and accolades to B.G. Burdett and Glenna Whitley for the work:

This book is filled with 700 pages detailing the lives and lies of men who claimed to have been honored Vietnam Veterans. Men whose claims of heroism and our nation's highest awards have been proven to be complete fabrications of the truth. In many cases the "fakers" never even served in Vietnam, some never in any of the services even in peace.

This is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand some of the anger, and distrust, that surrounds those of us who did serve in Vietnam and the justice we seek for the more than 58,000 men and women who gave their all in that far away land.

To get your own copy of "STOLEN VALOR", or to read more about the facts surrounding this book please visit their official website at:
This page has just about every statistical reference that one could ask for when considering the
Vietnam Servicemen and Women.
Vietnam Veterans: A Statistical Profile.
Common rumors, or truths.
Kim Phouc: The Girl in the Picture.
John Denver was a sniper in Vietnam.
Lee Greenwood was a Vietnam draft doger.
Jane Fonda betrayed POW's.
Wounded RVN Vet buys full page ad in Army Times.
Target Stores Anti-Vietnam Vets.
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