by Jerry Turner
This thread about H13s brings back some memories for
me, the very first Helicopter I ever saw was an H13,
it was in the early fifties at Tr-Cities Airport in
Endicott, N.Y., my Dad took me to an airshow and an
H13 put on a short demonstration of it's capabilities,
I don't remember if it was a military or civilian
model, but I do remember the bubble canopy and the
open tail boom,(at that time I had no idea what type
it was) my first flight in an airplane was in 1957 at
Fort Dix N.J., a friend of my Dad's was an Army
Aviator and he took me for a ride in a L19 (O-1), he
even let me fly it. My next flight in an airplane was
in a C121 accross the Atlantic to Germany in 1959, a
very long flight, stopping in the Azores for fuel, and
sitting backwards (all the passenger seats faced aft).
While in Germany, I took my Dad to the airfield in
Augsburg several times where he would board an OH13 to
fly somewhere, that was the second time I saw a
helicopter, there was also some CH37s at that
airfield, I remember them because they were so big and
ugly! The third time I saw a helicopter was at Fort
Wolters during flight school in 1964, that was also my
first flight in a helicopter (OH23). And of course
the rest is history. When I enlisted in the Army in
1963, I signed up for Warrent Officer Flight Training,
my original class assignment was fixed wing, but there
was a delay in the class starting, but there was an
immediate opening in a Rotary Wing Class, so I took
that rather than wait for the fixed wing class to
start(all I wanted to do was learn to fly). This was
Class 64-7W which started in March of 1964. Once
again the rest is history, strange how things work
through seemingly unconnected events...my interest in
aircraft and flying has continued throughout all these years...