by Jimmy "Popeye" Sanders
I believe i told this once, but since we've been on initiations...
On the LOH Wobbly hootch roof was built a small platform. It was about
3'x3' and was right on the peak of the roof. It was good and sturdy. I
never questioned why it was there, and even got up there to check out
the distant AO. As I recall, we had flown late one night, and by the
time we finished our duties on the birds and chow it was dark. Brother
"T" the cook ALWAYS had chow for the Loach EM, so we ate when we could.
I had finished eating and was on the way to the EM club when I noticed
an FNG Wobbly on the platform with a set of binoculars. He was doing
wonderful 360 degree pivots while gazing seriously through the binocs.
I stopped and watched him for awhile. Man that dood was serious. I
finally asked him, "Sir, what are you doing?" He stopped and gave me a
"DUH" look and informed me the new Wobblies ALWAYS drew "Rocket Watch",
and he was on duty since he was the newest Wobbly there. I mumbled,
"Carry on sir." as I stumbled away giggling my ass off. He was up there
when I went to sleep....that was several hours later.