by Roger "Hoagie" Hogan

My Love, where are you; where have you gone?
For a score and a decade of years I've sought you out.
Why have you abandoned me?
Why do you not answer my calls?

Once we had a love so strong,
Anything you asked of me I would have gladly done.
Once you asked my help for a friend in need.
I responded responded to your plea,
Packed my bags and caught a flight;
Your friend to see and render aid.

I gave my best,
Gave my all, shed my blood.
I placed my life on the line to protect your friend.
A rabid animal from the North, I sought to subdue,
To quell the terror and heal the ravages of a rabid beast.
A maddened predator preying upon the innocence and fear
Of your fair lady friend.

I strove with my utmost strength and courage,
This maddened beast to rout and drive back
Into the forest from whence it came.
Then, as ladies are wont to do, I watched in astonishment
As you changed your heart and mind
The savagery of the battle you'd not understood!

Perhaps feeling fearful or even possibly slighted
You turned your back on both your friend and I,
Leaving us at the mercy of a merciless beast.
In despair I returned
My heart ripped to shreds
My mind numbed by the savagery of the beast
But more by your cold uncaring abandonment

Lo these many years I have sought you out
To demand an explanation for your erratic irratiional behavior.
To understand why I have been so loathed and hated.
To understand why I have been made to feel the sting of rejection,
>From one whom I once and yet still dearly love.

Why my love do you refuse to see me?
Why my love do you refuse to talk to me?
My love why did you spread lies of me?
My love why do you turn your back and hide from me?

My love for you is boundless!
I've unfailingly done your bidding
And would do so again if you were to ask.
All I ask in return my love is to be enfolded
Within your warm embrace and share again with you
The joys of a life together.

R Hogan
(c) 11/99