by John Hubbs
While flying door gunner one day, we were to fly on a Ash
&Trash. This day was to be a little different than the others, cause we
were to fly some USO/ Donut Dollies out to one of the F/B in the III
corps area. My A/C was the coolest but CRS, I don't remember his name.
We were to pick up the 2 girls, who where to be flown from Long Bien/ 30
to 40 miles south. It was time to have some fun, echoed over the
intercom and coming from our great A/C. The women had no idea what was
coming down, frankly I didn't either.

The A/C had got us cleared, for a clear line of sight to
the the FSB with free fire zones and all. After about 10 minutes into
the flight, the A/C came over the radio and said we where going for the
deck and with-in minutes we did just that. The girls were looking around
and freaking out that we dropped so fast, ha. This is nothing my little
chick -a -de I was thinking.
We were now flying Low Level the only way to fly and the ground was
flying past so quick, the girls heads were going back and forth to get
all the sites in, Ha.

About this time while looking out for the bad guys, we
came up on some Wild Pigs
or Bores, what ever and I told the Pilots that we had movement below.
The A/C had the ship at this time and he pulled back on stick so hard
that we flew up boo coo quick. I think it called it a (Hammer Head).
Those girls were getting real nerviest about this time, when the A/C
came over the radio and said, open-up gunners and we flew right over
them blasting about 200 rounds off from each one of the 60's. The CE
said I got one sir and that was to bad because we had the USO with us
that day. Those were some good looking pigs for sure and I will never
forget that ride with some damn good pilots. The girls had all kinds of
questions after that little deal, so the A/C told me to give up my
flight helmet so that he could talk with one of the Donut Dollies, yea
right so to feed her some kind of bull-shit story about taking fire back
there and we had to do that to stay alive. Got to love it, as Big D.
would say.

John e.o.d. Hubbs
B&C/229th AHB
1st Air Cav (Killer Spades0
Bien Hoa 71-72
Forever I'll Remember/ not just the bad, but the fun times too...........