by Jimmy "Popeye" Sanders
I walk among heroes who answered the call.
Back then we were children,
Mostly teens and young twenties, after all.
We fought in a war that made no sense,
Especially when we flew across the fence;.
Distinguished Flying Crosses, Silver Stars,
And Purple Hearts upon their chest.
These heroes I walk among were
And are still, America's best
They answered the call
To fly in a war that some,
If not most, knew not what for.
I walk among heroes who answered the call.
When the going got tough many would fall.
They would hear the call for help upon the Guard;,
My heroes scrambled so friends won't die hard.
They are scholars, some soldiers, and Doctors today.
Some are hobbled, with parts missing, and their hair now grey,
But ask any one of them? Would you do it again?
All will answer: Yes!
These heroes, my heroes, America's best.
Once again the sabers of war do rattle,
And America's new heroes will go into battle.
This one we'll win, our cause is just.
Support those heroes and give them your trust.
I walk among heroes who answered the call.
They are slower and older,
And yet they can still soldier.
Untie the blades and preflight the beast
Please America let me fly
One last mission at least.
I too want to walk with the heroes who answered the call
I can make them proud of me; I'll fight ;til I fall.
I walk among heroes, who answered the call,
And I say thank you to one and all.