by Marvin "Swashplate" Camp
By Swashplate

Born and raised in the Deep South,
Taught racial bigotry and hate by mouth.
I was told where to drink, where to shit,
Even told while eating out where to sit.

During basic training, they stood with me in line,
I saw no difference in them as people at the time.
There music, culture and speech confused me a bit,
I turned away from that Southern racist shit.

In AIT I learned that they weren't lazy and stupid as I was taught,
All generational lies that I had been taught,
We partied together and shared our fears and life,
Because we had to be one in the coming strife.

We had to get dogtags, and on it something gave me a hint,
For on these dogtags were words of wisdom in print.
Dogtags are of ONE color and size,
Printed in ONE lanquage, no surprize.

ID# to show we belong to ONE nation,
Religion was many but with ONE God , In admiration.
Blood types are many, but Blood is Blood, ONE,
Trained to fight together, as a team, with a gun.

Many young men died, obituaries didn't mention colors,
The ones that survived carry the memories of the others.
We fought and bled for freedom and to set free,
But, still today, Prejudice and Racism exist, can't you see!

For to justify there deaths, we have to show their sacrifice was for naught,
For Justice is one of the reasons all of us fought.
I sometimes react in a racist manner,
But quickly change, We stand under the same banner!