by Roger "Hoagie" Hogan
To the wings pinned upon my chest I at first didn't give much thought
Only felt the pride of which they imparted
Gave no thought to the aircrews of yore
Of the Wars and Battles in which they fought
Valor and Honor to the Wings they brought
A heritage passed on from Flight to Flight
Flying became my Love, my Life
The legacy passed down began to throb with every beat of my heart
The spirit of intrepid men, filled with integrity and honor
Forged in the Fires of Hell
Then tempered in a rarefied air
The pride I felt in my wings I began to understand
That pride grew with each new demand
To the Glory of this select group I'd become an Heir
Numbered amongst the best I'd become a peer
Flying high in the lofty and rarefied atmosphere
Guided by unseen hands my spirits' upswell
The pride and meaning of those wings I now understand
Lord I pray, that the legacy of the wings to my sons, I've imparted as I
R. Hoagn