by Jimmy "Popeye" Sanders
You and Me and the Monkey Makes Three

Hey Troop! Wanta monkey?
Heck yeah lemme see.
What ya got for it?
I got a pistol,
A Chicom for free,
I guess you and me and
The monkey make three.

Why ya given up the monkey?
Iím goiní home troop,
This country Iíll flee.
The monkey and me
Canít get on the plane ya see.
Well heck take the pistol,
And the monkeyíll take me.

Now settle down little monkey
And stay in the bag,
ĎCause this chopper rideís fun
Itís no kind of drag.
Bernieís flyiní,
He flies with me
And he and me and you
Monkey make three.

Settle down little monkey
Just wait and see,
My best friend Bernie
And you and me
Will make three.

Head down,
Topís a comminí,
He donít like me.
And surely the monkey
And me he will see.

Hi Top, whatís that?
A monkey you see?
No dude, donít you see,
Thereís no monkey
Just Bernie and me.

Iím sad little monkey,
So sad you see?
Bernie ainít comminí back,
Heís was killed at three.

Let me cry little monkey
Iím so sad you see,
Thereíll never be another
Bernie flyiní with me.

Let me cry little monkey
Canít you see?
Never again will
He and me and the monkey make three.