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The following links are to pictures of Heli-Vets as we were then, and as we are now. Also, for those who elected you will see a short bio of information that they wish to share.

If you have not submitted pictures yet, please do so. As well, if you want your bio posted please
send pics and bios to the webmaster.
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Bob Bales John Harglerod Richard Rex
Rod Barber
Gary "YCD" Hawley Doc Reynolds
Bobby Bateman
Lonnie Heidtke
Doug Ricks
Del Belanger
Mike Helm
Ray Rigsby
Don Bennett
Alex Horster
Rhea Rippey
Ben Bright
Ron Huber
John Roberts
Terry Bunker
David "Doc" Hyatt
Ed Rogers
Larry Burbridge
Darryl James
Stan Rusakowicz
Mike Campbell
Roy Kauffman
Bill Russell
Marvin Camp
Bill Kelbaugh
Leroy Rutherford
Bruce Carlson
Joe Kline
Jimmie Sanders RIP
Ken Carlton
James Koch
Ed Schmelzer
Wayne Coe
Tony Kohler
Tom Shuckman
Chris Cole
Tim Lawrence
Al Sloan
James Collins
Stan LaCount
JD Smith
Dick Crawley
Ed Lemp Steve "Smiddy" Smith
Richard Cunnare
Ron Leonard
Paul Spangler
Mal Doremus
Don Lewis
Bill Staffa
Pat Dougan
Ken "Goody" Livengood
Wm. Robert Stanley
Judson Dukes
Mike Loyd Roy Tarbert
Carle Dunn
Jose Martinez
Doug Trump
Larry Eads
John McAulay Jerry Turner
Gary Earls
Mike McCormick
Rick Vogel
Rick England
Thom McGarey
Rick Waite
Jim Ewart
William McMurray Tommy Waldrop
Jerry Feldman
Dave Millard Buddy Walker
Scott Fenwick
Ricky Miller
Bob Witt
Paul Ferguson
Bob Mitchell
Frank Zipperer
Ed Gallagher
Rex Morris
Lloyd Garringer
Herb Nagel
Bruce "China Boy" Gilmartin
Tom Nesbitt
Pat Goerig
Paul Pelland
Dave Gorjup
Jim Preston
Art Grosch
Don Purser
Larry Hartley
Frank Reilly
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